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Teen-Focused Facial: Combatting Breakouts, Blackheads, and Dullness with Cleansing, Exfoliating, and Moisturizing Solution

Designed to address teen skin issues such as breakouts, blackheads, and dullness while cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturize the face

Our Express Teen Facial for both teen boys and girls is designed to help combat acne breakouts through deep cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Any changes in their skin due to diet, hormones, or overall skin during adolescence are addressed in this facial. This treatment is excellent for teens who are prone to breakouts and clogged pores. We will also provide your teenager with a custom-designed skincare regimen that’s right for their individual skin needs. The skin will be left feeling cleansed, refreshed, and hydrated.

Price : $75

A Refreshing Solution for Teen Skin

Our Express Teen Facial offers a refreshing solution for teenage skin woes. Here’s what this revitalizing facial includes:

Deep Cleansing

We begin by thoroughly cleansing the face to remove impurities and excess oils that can contribute to acne and other skin issues. A clean canvas is essential for healthy skin.


Gentle exfoliation follows to improve skin texture and unclog pores. This step helps prevent acne breakouts and promotes smoother, clearer skin.


We then moisturize the skin to leave it feeling refreshed and hydrated. Proper hydration is vital for maintaining a healthy skin barrier and preventing dryness.

Personalized Skincare Regimen

We understand that teenage skin can be influenced by factors such as diet, hormones, and overall skin health during adolescence. After the Express Teen Facial, our skincare experts will provide your teenager with a custom-designed skincare regimen tailored to their individual skin needs. This personalized approach ensures that your teen receives the most effective skincare routine to maintain clear and healthy skin.

Cleanse, Refresh, Hydrate

Our Express Teen Facial is designed to cleanse, refresh, and hydrate the skin, helping teenagers feel more confident and maintain a healthy complexion during this transformative stage of life. We believe that nurturing good skincare habits early on can lead to a lifetime of beautiful and healthy skin.

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