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Bamboo Massage: Canes to detoxify and relieve tired, sluggish tendencies

Reconnect with Relaxation and Wellness

The Balinese Bamboo Massage includes a soothing oil application and the use of massaging bamboo canes from Bali, home to one of our most relaxing massage techniques of varying lengths and diameters, applied with varying pressures to relax. Different bamboo sizes can be used depending on the details of the gliding strokes. This massage can also help to alleviate psoriasis and eczema because of its anti-irritant properties and antioxidants. The heated bamboo is to benefit any respiratory problems to ease any tension or stiffness that hands wouldn’t be able to reach during a massage, induce the profound state of relaxation, improve lymphatic circulation or drainage, and can even help the quality of your sleep.

Price: $ 109 / $139

A Soothing and Detoxifying Experience

The Balinese Bamboo Massage not only relaxes but also helps detoxify your body. The use of bamboo canes with different sizes and pressures effectively eases tension and stiffness, reaching areas that hands alone cannot. It promotes a profound state of relaxation, enhances lymphatic circulation and drainage, and can even improve the quality of your sleep.

Skin Benefits and Respiratory Relief

This massage offers additional benefits such as alleviating skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, thanks to its anti-irritant properties and antioxidants. The application of heated bamboo canes can help with respiratory problems and release muscle tension.

Targeted Therapeutic Results

Bamboo massage therapy is equally effective as deep tissue or trigger point massage, allowing therapists to work deeper into muscle and connective tissues. The use of heated bamboo enhances the therapeutic effects, making it an excellent choice for those seeking targeted relief.

Embrace Ancient Wisdom

This massage not only revitalizes your body but also reconnects you with ancient wellness practices. Bamboo has long been considered a healing tool, symbolizing prosperity, youth, strength, and peace. In fact, there is also Bamboo Shape Care Therapy available, which can aid in body shaping and fat loss with visible results in just a few sessions.

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