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Back Acne and Oil Control

Comprehensive Treatment for Back Skin Solutions

This deep cleansing treatment leaves your back and shoulders clear and glowing for any occasion! Clear away and blemishes and decongest your skin with our full back facial, including a sulfur mask and peel to reach all those stubborn areas.

Price: $159

Deep Cleansing Process Reveals Brighter Skin

Our process begins with a deep cleansing using our foaming back wash containing salicylic acid. This prepares your skin to receive maximum benefits from the treatment. Next, we apply our exclusive sulfur masque packed with acne-fighting ingredients like sulfur and bentonite clay. This masque penetrates pores to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, soak up excess oils, and reduce redness and swelling.

After the masque, your back is treated to a chemical peel containing glycolic and salicylic acid to lift away dead skin cells and debris clogging pores. This speeds up cell turnover to reveal newer, brighter skin. Extractions are then performed to remove any remaining impurities.

Finally, probiotic balancing creams and serums are worked into the skin to strengthen, nourish, and protect against future breakouts. This comprehensive ritual leaves your back smooth, clear, and touchably soft.

Customized Experience for Lasting Results

While we have a standard protocol, your back facial is tailored to meet your unique skin goals and concerns. Those struggling with mild to severe acne receive corrective spot treatments like blue light therapy for expedited healing. For excess oiliness, additional mattifying products are incorporated to regulate oil production long after your treatment.

We recognize that skin needs change over time, which is why your esthetician creates a customized homecare regimen specific to your skin. This ensures you maintain results between back facials. With consistent care, you’ll enjoy lasting clear skin.

**Rediscover Confidence in Your Skin **

Having clear, healthy back skin provides more than just physical benefits—it also lifts your self-confidence and body image. You can wear backless dresses or go shirtless at the beach without feeling self-conscious. Rediscover the joy of showing some skin knowing you look and feel your absolute best!

Our Back Acne and Oil Control treatment offers a pathway to achievable, long-lasting skin solutions. With the innovative techniques powering our back facials, you can say goodbye to breakouts and excess shine, and hello to a radiantly clear, balanced back.

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